Other Ways to Support Us

Registering as a Friend of Brockwood Park is one way of supporting us. Listed below are some other ways in which you can support us.

  • Legacies These provide critically-needed funds for continuing support of Krishnamurti’s legacy and the range of work that occurs at Brockwood. They can also provide a significant tax relief to the donor. You may register your bequest with your lawyer who in turn will contact us. If you have a question, Bill Taylor, Co-Principal of Brockwood Park School, welcomes your inquiry at ++ 44 (0) 1962 793 820 or bill.taylor@brockwood.org.uk.

  • Brockwood Park School Funds Follow this link to support specific Brockwood Park School funds including The Bursary Fund, The Pavilions Project and The Peter Norris Music Fund.

  • Krishnamurti Foundation Follow this link to support the Krishnamurti Foundation directly with different amounts. You can combine your donation with the purchase of books, DVDs and CDs.

  • Endowment An endowment is an absolute necessity for a Trust like ours. During hard economic times it will help Brockwood stay stable and healthy and during good financial times it will help Brockwood with a reliable stream of income. If you are interested in helping Brockwood build its endowment, Bill Taylor, Co-Principal of Brockwood Park School, welcomes your inquiry at ++ 44 (0) 1962 793 820 or bill.taylor@brockwood.org.uk.

  • Volunteering We welcome enquiries from people interested in volunteering their time at the School, Centre, or Foundation. If you are interested in volunteering please visit the specific area websites and contact the relevant people. You could for example work in the Foundation office or from home and verify transcripts or recordings. Or if you have particular maintenance skills you could volunteer your time to help with specific projects.

  • Present Tense Brockwood has always benefited from visiting friends and alumni who have taken the time to share with students and staff something of their life’s work and experience. These visits contribute immensely to the richness of the culture at Brockwood. Please send us an email at alumni@brockwood.org.uk, or give a call, if you’d like to either speak yourself or know someone whom you think would be good for such events. See our Brockwood Park School YouTube channel for examples of past lectures.

  • Promote Brockwood Promote Brockwood where you live. Hold video showings and/or maintain a lending library in your local area in England, Wales, Scotland, Europe or elsewhere in the world. The Foundation can help you get started and can for example mail leaflets about their activities and those of the Schools or Centre to you. Please contact Jerome Blanche at administrator@kfoundation.org.

Register as a Friend today to help us preserve Krishnamurti’s legacy and carry it into the future.