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Welcome to the Friends Portal. We hope you will enjoy exploring, connecting, inquiring and posting here while renewing old friendships and making new ones. If you have any ideas that might help us to improve the Portal do let us know by sending a message to the Administrator.

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Portal Prompts

We will update this Home Page regularly with a Daily News Feed from Brockwood Park and new Quotes, Books, Videos and Events.
As you can see the portal contains many features and the gray navigation bar at top of each page will guide you through these. Some new and improved features which you can find through this navigation bar include;

  • The Friends Forum, which contains various discussion topics we hope you will contribute to and which now has a section called Portal Improvements where you can suggest how we can improve or add to the Portal.
  • The Media Tab, which contains Video, preexistent Blogs and also a Brockwood Park Links pages.
  • The Market Place, which now contains a section where you can share your own website.
  • Also in the top navigation is a new Info Tab with information on how we use the money donated to Brockwood Park.

News from the Development Office

MichaelportalThe Development Office is where Michael Ledwith and Bill Taylor work full-time managing and coordinating a variety of projects. These include the following: coordinating Friends of Brockwood Park; preparing video and printed material for Brockwood; looking after fundraising and outreach activities. Assisting them on a part-time basis is former staff member and web designer, Trevor Pemberton, and the Development Working Group, which we will introduce to you in the coming weeks. The following are some items that Development are currently working on:

  • different ways of bringing the teachings to a younger audience, particularly in university settings – assisting with K video showings starting at SOAS, London. The next of these will be in September. Date to be announced
  • creating a new Brockwood Park website
  • improvements to the Friends Portal and on encouraging new Friends of Brockwood to register.
  • preparing a mobile exhibition intended to introduce Krishnamurti’s teachings to a new audience via posters displaying the teachings in text with accompanying photos.

If you would like to assist with any of the above – e.g. taking the teachings to universities; finding venues for the poster exhibition; – please get in touch. michael@brockwood.org.uk or bill@brockwood.org.uk


  1. Sofia Sanguinetti-Silva - October 28, 2014, 12:51 am

    Thank you so much for this wonderful Portal for Friends of Brockwood and Krishnaji. Personally I feel my heart is forever there, sharing the flowing of Life and learning, that is at the root of the creation of Brockwood Park. I was a Staff member for some years in the very beginning and I remember the happiness and enthousiasm of all of us, helping in the development of this seed that eventually became such a wonderful majestic tree.
    Many years have gone by and I have continued to be near K while he lived and always attentive to the wonder that is each moment. I retired from my medical activities in Roma, Italy, and returned to Uruguay where I was born. I have now created a centre for people to come and stay in Nature and learn about Krishnamurti, and get again in touch with silence and awareness. Best Wishes to you all in Brockwood and do know you are in my heart. Sofia Sanguientti Silva

    • Giordano Valeriani - February 1, 2017, 9:37 am

      Hi … Sofia .. it’s a joy to meet you again after so long ..
      After my retirement I have spent two or three weeks every year at brockwood as a guest helper working in maintenance or in the kitchen… it is my way of providing support to the Centre ..
      Whenever I pass by the entrance near the cloisters and the new pavillions It come to my mind the image of you and Carlos mounted on a great Guzzi in the summer of 1985
      please send me an email address to keep in touch
      a big hug

  2. Bruce Granger - October 29, 2014, 2:39 am

    Nice to read your comments, Sofia! I remember you well from those early days of Brockwood. Wishing you all the best! Bruce (student from 1973 to 1975)

  3. Husain Sangrar - August 26, 2015, 9:53 am

    Re: Request for friendship.
    All who are present on this site as friends of Brockwood surely are by default friends as members of a friendly society trying to support and promote the activity of the Foundation. It would be quite natural to ask anyone a question or raise a point in discussion. To introduce another tier or tiers of friends by a random selection of names seems to me unnecessary fragmentation. I am unable to accept, reject, or comment on the correctness or otherwise of inner groups of friends. There is a hint or suggestion of exclusivity about it. Am I to be excluded from other groups or should I try to create my own friends?

  4. Mike Nourse - February 2, 2017, 1:17 pm

    The only group I see is the human race. We form groups when we want to become something other that what we are. I have no connection to any group. I have no history, no identity to Brockwood, the teachings or any ideological nonsense, so please Husain don’t go forming any more groups! My only interest is in the transformation of society by the transformation of the human mind. This has to be the only question. I’m not interested in making friends, although it would be nice not to be writing stuff that nobody responds to. I do hope this portal is not just a kind of ‘friends reunited’ chat line…

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