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Title Ursula Smilde-Hiatt has released a book “The Tiger’s Mouth – a Taoist Journey towards the Source”
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Expires September 26, 2017

A message from Ursula Smilde-Hiatt ” Dear Krishnamurti Friends Last year I mentioned my book and am writing again because it has been re-printed and now has many excellent Reviews, which you may like to read by typing the title into Google and then seeing them on Amazon’s listing of : “The Tiger’s Mouth – a Taoist Journey towards the Source” Perhaps you could then kindly share this information with any others who are interested in the human condition and who might respond to the book’s self-knowledge Journey, since it covers much of the psychological hardships that the damaged ego can confer upon us – with a possible way of overcoming them – together with insights from the writings of: Krishnamurti, Lao Tzu, Jung, Thomas Merton, D.H. Lawrence, John Blofeld, and many other conveyors of wisdom. I hope this will be of interest and send my warmest gratitude to you all, with the friendship of – Ursula Smilde-Hiatt “