What is the point?

Communication is attuned to leading to some point.  Yet there is a difficulty because we don’t want to be told what to do, or we are seeking independence, or we have some preference for a self centered perception, or want to maintain a belief or an ideology.  So rather than realise what the communication is about, we are rebelling against, or ignoring, the actual communication.  We do this by clever use of words and concepts, and by quibbling about some interpretation of a phrase or word.  Rather than actually listen, and then see what we think, we believe the other is an authority, and think in terms of trust , leadership,  or compliance and obedience, and react. The reaction to words and ideas is not listening.  We may read or hear words and conclude with what we think we understand, but in the first instance we do not appreciate communication is conveying something to realise. We may already know what the communication is saying, but not realise communing together, effortlessly, without any facility,  is the point; not the information.   We have turned off from co-operating and prefer systematic instructions and information, although, contrarily, only where it suits us.

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