Brockwood Park’s Reunion

by Michael Ledwith

Evening in the Marquee

Brockwood Park’s 45th anniversary Reunion took place in August. Alumni from all over the world returned to the beautiful Hampshire countryside for five days of meeting old friends and enjoying recollections. From Beijing to Brazil, California to Caledonia, they came for what turned out to be a spectacular celebration of what an idea can become.

Since Brockwood Park School’s creation in 1969, some 1,600 students have passed through its corridors, leaving Brockwood as young student hopefuls and returning as doctors, nurses, scientists and musicians. Very many returned as teachers, which we hope indicates their appreciation of the importance of education stressed by Krishnamurti and Brockwood staff.

Inside the Marquee

Almost a quarter of our entire alumni came; considering their international backgrounds, this is an extraordinary figure. For five days they were back at the School, back on the grounds and back in the company of so many old friends. Those lamenting post-school questions of, ‘Where are they now?’ were finally answered with, ‘They’re just over there actually’. Seeing them excitedly run to each other, hugging, laughing and crying as they joyously reunited was an incredibly heart-warming experience.

All were lodged on the School grounds, some squeezed in together in the various rooms while others camped beside the front lawn. Each morning we would all convene in a huge marquee for breakfast. We would then listen to some interesting talks followed by announcements of happenings and workshops for the day.

Evening Events

Alumni hosted fascinating and engaging workshops on photography, ballroom dancing, nature appreciation, and many other things. In the evenings there were classical, rock and roll and marimba concerts, and dances or discussions. All the events were organised by alumni. It seemed everyone wanted to contribute and give something back to Brockwood, to share their skills and talents as if in return for the skills they had acquired here. This was particularly apparent during the Informal Evening musical event when alumni performed excellently. You can find the video of the informal evening on this epost under the Music at Brockwood heading.

Overall, it was an incredible event and the staff and volunteers cannot be commended enough for all their hard work in organising it. Six thousand meals and five emotional days later it came to a nostalgic and emotional close with everyone leaving seeming sure of their return in 2019.

A short video from the reunion (4 minutes)

Dr Foster

Vijay and Pam

The 1970s Group


The bonfire