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Brockwood Park School

Brockwood Park is where Krishnamurti’s teachings are put to the test. If man and society can change fundamentally in this microcosm into which students and staff come with all the problems of the world as a whole, it may be possible for such a transformation to take place more broadly.
(Extract from an article by the late David Bohm, a founding trustee of Brockwood Park School and a former Professor of Theoretical Physics at Birkbeck College, London)

Established in 1969, Brockwood Park School is an international co-educational boarding school offering a personalised, holistic education with exam and non-exam options for around 70 students aged 14 to 19. The School is deeply inspired by J. Krishnamurti's teachings, which encourage academic excellence, self-understanding, creativity and integrity in a safe, non-competitive environment.

A Brockwood education goes beyond more traditional kinds of learning. Not exclusively academic, it integrates academic excellence in its mission to help students learn the art of living, and brings together aspects of learning, sensitivity, open-mindedness, and self-reflection that are too often ignored in schools.

More than ever, teenage years are known as a time of intense pressure and change as a young person starts to take seriously the prospect of adulthood and considers fundamental questions about relationships and life. Brockwood offers them an educational setting where along with peers and teachers from around the world, they are encouraged and supported in their learning and search for understanding and meaning.

As one student recently put it: “Brockwood has helped me shake my previous preconceptions, refill my yearning to understand the universe and, most importantly, given me two years of unconditional love and joy.” This student, along with many others, would not have been at Brockwood without the School being able to support him with a bursary. Every year, around one third of Brockwood students receive some form of bursary assistance from the School, and in turn help is needed to make this possible. The staff at Brockwood is committed to working with teenagers from all kinds of socio-economic backgrounds in order to ensure there are no barriers to such learning and so that the transformation David Bohm wrote of can have the widest possible effect in the world.

Your support with this is greatly appreciated and will help Brockwood Park School to

  • Provide bursaries so deserving students can attend
  • Maintain the historic buildings and beautiful gardens and grounds
  • Ensure that classrooms can be updated with current technologies and excellent materials

This is the function of all education. We need to bring about a good society in which all human beings can live happily in peace, without violence, with security. As a student you are responsible for this.
Krishnamurti, Letters to the Schools

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