On this page we share occasional features with you from the four departments of Brockwood Park.

Star in the East Author Gives Talk
Roland Vernon, author of the book ‘Star in the East: Krishnamurti, the Invention of a Messiah’, spoke at a Friends of Brockwood Gathering. His fascinating talk revisited his historical and biographical account of the extraordinary individuals and circumstances that shaped Krishnamurti’s early life. more >>

Krishnamurti via Podcast
This new, official podcast by Krishnamurti Foundation Trust features conversations between Krishnamurti and luminaries from many paths, readings of a classic by actor Terence Stamp and much more. more >>

Over 20 In-Depth Features
Explore Krishnamurti's teachings through In-Depth articles on the new Foundation website – on offer, over 20 features including: Creativity; Time and the timeless; What will you do with your life? more >>

50th Anniversary Alumni Reunion Special
View the Summer 2019 Reunion ePost including the REUNION MUSIC VIDEO. With a backing track which was performed live in the Reunion marquee, the short video tries to give a glimpse of this extraordinary event, the wonderful people who attended and the joy this gathering brought... more >>

Annual Appeal 2019
No sooner had the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust formed, than it took the bold step of purchasing Brockwood Park and in early 1969 the School started with just two students. Fifty years on, Brockwood is much more than just a school... more >>

Alumni Fund 2019
You were at Brockwood. You remember it. The intensity, the inquiry and the importance given to communication, to that feeling of ‘building’ the School together—creating it each and every day. more >>

KFT Annual Report
The new Annual Report provides an overview of the activities of the different departments at Brockwood for the financial year 2017-2018. It includes a message from our trustees and pie charts illustrating the financial activity. more >>

Our first video to reach 1 million views is Krishnamurti answering the question Does god exist? This is only one out of over 1,400 videos available for free on our YouTube channel, also offering more than 2,500 subtitles in 33 languages. more >>

In-Depth Articles
Explore Krishnamurti's teachings through In-Depth articles on our new Foundation website. The specially selected features are updated regularly and include articles such as: The root of fear; The meaning of death; What do we mean by education? more >>

New Centre Video
This new video by the same filmmaker as the recent Foundation release showcases the Krishnamurti Centre. It aims to be of interest to those thinking of staying at the Centre and to regular guests. Filmed in summer and autumn, the special atmosphere of the Centre and surrounds is readily apparent. more >>

New Foundation Website
The Foundation is happy to announce the release of its brand new website. The site has been completely redesigned and expanded. Information on the work KFT carries out at Brockwood is complemented with an extensive collection of Krishnamurti's teachings, including key topics and featured articles. more >>

Bringing back the Roses
South of the kitchen garden at Brockwood Park School lies the remnants of what was a formal Edwardian style rose garden. Brockwood’s garden team has taken up the challenge to bring back a total of 62 roses in the hope to see this formal area live up to its original name once again. more >>

Shattering all Conditioning
To mark the 50th year of the School, we've included an excerpt from the book Understanding Ourselves; A conversation from 1997 between Mary Zimbalist and Mary Cadogan about the origins and intent of the School. more >>

50 Years of the Foundation
In 2018 we commemorated 50 years of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust with the release of a special edition of our annual bulletin. It includes a feature on the Foundation's history, and the main developments and news related to our work, along with expanded Krishnamurti texts. more >>

The Uplifting Inwoods Weekly
Every week the parents of Inwoods' pupils receive a copy of the Inwoods Weekly and as it is now mid-winter, you may enjoy the uplifting and warm feeling this recent issue generates. more >>

A New Year, A New Calendar!
fter a busy 2018 the Centre releases the new calendar of events for the coming year. . more >>

New Audio Releases
At the Foundation, we continue to release Krishnamurti's recordings on our YouTube channel, free to the world. We recently released 20 audio recordings, including Looking at the totality of life, a series of 9 public meetings held in 1969 in Paris. See all our latest releases here. more >>

New Foundation Video
Over the summer, a professional filmmaker made a video about the Krishnamurti Foundation and the work it carries out   more >>

Brockwood Park: a sense of place
Former Brockwood staff member and current trustee, Gary Primrose, gave an insightful presentation at the Friends of BP Autumn Gathering. more >>

Krishnamurti Centre Programme 2019
For 2019 the Centre has prepared a diverse programme of events, which includes residential retreats, foreign language group retreats and day events.   more >>

In the Brockwood Beginning
A long-wished for project to properly archive photos, documents, videos and other materials relating to the history of Brockwood Park School   more >>

Autumn Workshop Week: a photo story
Every year classes at Brockwood Park School stop for a week and extended workshops are offered to students by visiting professionals, from a host of disciplines.   more >>

Annual Appeal 2018
50 years ago, on the morning of the 2nd July in Saanen, Switzerland, just prior to Krishnamurti’s second talk, an announcement was made to the assembled audience. A decision had been taken.   more >>

Brockwood Park Alumni Fund
Vinay Swamy invites alumni on a vivid journey through the Brockwood 'land(mind)scape' in order to rediscover what it meant to be a student here and what it could mean to help a student now. more >>

KFT Annual Report
The new Annual Report provides an overview of the activities of the different departments at Brockwood for the financial year 2016-2017. It includes a message from our trustees and pie charts illustrating the financial activity.  more >>

A Revamped JKO
A new iteration of www.jkrishnamurti.org was recently released. A joint effort of the international Krishnamurti Foundations, the revamped website is an exhaustive repository of the teachings in text, audio and video format, including several new informative features and links to worldwide activities.   more >>

Young Adults Retreat
Following from the first Young Adults Retreat in 2017, the Centre hosts the second with an invitation for participants to discover a new way of living. On this retreat the Centre invites participants to sustain an inquiry into issues of everyday life that concern and connect us all.   more >>

The Delights of Spring
David Bohm became profoundly acquainted with Krishnamurti. For more than two decades, they took part in several remarkable series of one-on-one conversations and group discussions. The Foundation has collected these recordings and made them available for free on our YouTube channel.   more >>

David Bohm and Krishnamurti: Collected Recordings
What do blue butterfly eggs and honeydew poo have in common? Not sure of the answer? Neither were the children and teachers until, with the commencement of spring, they went on an excursion to the Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve.   more >>

Closer to Democracy
Patrick Chalmers worked for Reuters for 11 years where he was given global reporting assignments. Over that time, Patrick witnessed the workings of politics and media first hand, and grew dispirited with what he saw. Patrick's latest project All Hands On features short films looking at the crisis in Western democracy and real-life remedies to its problems.   more >>

Education in the 21st Century
Harmony, peace, beauty, equality, health, and vitality are qualities greatly desired in the world but are mostly approached with a movement of idealism and reward-seeking, no different to the personal drives that are causing so much havoc in society. The work to bring such qualities to the world begins by nurturing something very different in the individual mind of a young person.   more >>

Brockwood Staff Retreat
Once a year, staff members at Brockwood Park go on retreat for one week to reflect and explore the teachings. This time allows us to engage with each other in an informal setting and to refresh ourselves before the year ahead.   more >>

A Chance to Talk to Friends
A special event aimed at thanking the Friends of Brockwood Park for their support was held on the 22nd October, 2017 at The Krishnamurti Centre. Four short presentations were given all relating to some aspect of Brockwood life and work and to Krishnamurti’s teachings.   more >>

The Sweep of History
The guest presenter at the Friends Gathering in October was Mark Edwards, one of the few environmental communicators to have personally witnessed the global issues that are defining the 21st century.   more >>

From Body-Ownership to Selfhood
One of the world's leading researchers/ scholars on philosophy of mind, Prof. Thomas Metzinger, gives a Present Tense talk to staff and students exploring questions related to our sense of self, embodiment, avatars and artificial intelligence.   more >>

In Search of the Perfect School
“For an alternative school you are very structured”, were the words of one of our visitors. "The children have a lot of freedom, don’t you think they might need more structure?" was the contrary view of someone else.   more >>

A Short History of the Bulletin
In 1968, following Krishnamurti’s break with Krishnamurti Writings Inc, a new office was needed to care for publishing work and to keep people informed of the dates of his public talks.   more >>

Three important things Krishnamurti said to me
The first Secretary of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, Dr Mary Cadogan, on the 31st May, 2014 gave a talk at a Friends of Brockwood Park gathering, which she began by speaking about what she considered to be the three most important things that Krishnamurti had said to her.   more >>

Free To The World – The Krishnamurti Collection
Over the course of the last year, the Foundation released all of Krishnamurti's video recordings on YouTube. The complete collection, comprising almost 600 full-length videos, is now free.   more >>

Raising a Mind that is a Light unto Itself
To raise the young to be free of these destructive effects of authority we need to bring them up to be highly sensitive and aware of their own psychological movements and intentions.   more >>

When The Party Is Over
Parties generally leave you with a lot of cleaning up to do, but what happens when the purpose of the party is to clean up? Brockwood had two such parties over two weeks in July.   more >>

From Around the World
The KFT recently hosted a gathering of Krishnamurti International Committees. The biennial International Committee Meeting (ICM) brought together forty representatives, some from as far away as New Zealand, for three days of discussions   more >>

Annual Appeal 2017
Globally it has been a turbulent year with many alarming political, economic and social events. 'Your house is burning', Krishnamurti said on many occasions, referring not just to the outer, but to the inner world as well.   more >>

Annual Report
The new Annual Report of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd provides some figures for the year 2015-2016. The report contains a message from our trustees concerning the work which has been taking place in Brockwood, as well as a summary of activities.  more >>

Ray McCoy Retires
After 36 years working for the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, Ray McCoy has retired. He will be greatly missed. In this interview Ray reflects on his years at Brockwood, how he came to be here, when he first met Krishnamurti and how he feels about Brockwood after all these years.   more >>

Harmony and Discord
A significant body of work from the exceptional watercolour artist David Evans has been bequeathed to the Krishnamurti Foundation. An excellent catalogue of the paintings, with an introduction to David's work (also detailing an interest in Krishnamurti), is available to view. These painting are available to buy.   more >>

Grow It Yourself Produce
Each year Brockwood's garden team work together with students to sow a vast array of vegetable and salads, most of which will go to providing nutritious organic lunches throughout the year. In this video our new Gardener James takes on a tour of what was recently growing in our greenhouse.   more >>

Harmony, Eternal Truths and The Krishnamurti Centre
In this video the architect of the Krishnamurti Centre Professor Keith Critchlow takes us on a guided tour of his extraordinary 'anthropos' design.   more >>

News from the Foundation
The KFT gives a summary of its mandate and recent activity....  more >>

Friends of Brockwood Spring Gathering
The Friends of Brockwood Park gathering is an event that intends to join donors and friends of Brockwood from all over the world....  more >>

Krishnamurti Centre Events 2017
The Krishnamurti Centre has announced its sizable programme of events for 2017....  more >>

Educating the Educator
Four of the staff of Inwoods Small School wanted to experience different learning environments and set off to visit several in India. Here they share their adventure with us and list the ten lessons they learned....  more >>

Krishnamurti Dialogue Groups
Our 2016/17 season of Krishnamurti Screenings and Dialogues continues at SOAS London with more events in March and May. Two other groups are also hosting dialogues....  more >>

London Concert. Krishnamurti: Silence, Music and the Arts
With the aim of celebrating J. Krishnamurti’s teachings and introducing them to a wider audience an event in central London was held in September. The event featured Aditi Mangaldas, a leader in Indian classical dance, Nigel North, one of the world’s most distinguished lutenists and the world-renowned pianist Maria João Pires....  more >>

Designing the Krishnamurti Centre
Keith Critchlow, architect of the Krishnamurti Centre, was the guest speaker at the Friends of Brockwood Park Gathering held in the autumn. Here he writes about his design for the Centre and his contact with Krishnamurti during that period... 
more >>

Can the Mind be Free of its Content?
The Foundation has released a fascinating new series of 4 public talks and 2 public discussions titled ‘Can the mind be free of its content?’...  more >>

2017 Summer Work-Party at Brockwood
Brockwood has decided to resume summer work-parties, which occurred at various times in the past. These are occasions when we welcome people to come and work on the grounds, gardens and buildings, to help us ensure all areas of Brockwood get the attention and care they require. We provide the accommodation and food and participants...  more >>

Off to a Great Start
The Krishnamurti screenings and dialogues at SOAS in London have been attended by a great many people from all walks of life and both young and old...  more >>

What's Your Relationship With Nature?
In this short video staff and students at Brockwood Park School reflect on what nature means to them...  more >>

International Publication Committee Meetings at Brockwood
Trustees, directors and the staff members directly involved with the publications and dissemination of Krishnamurti teachings met for two days at Brockwood to discuss existing initiatives and explore new ways of making the teachings more widely available, in print and digitally...  more >>

What’s Happening on the Friends' Portal?
The Forums are the most used feature of the Friends Portal. On the Forums one can pose questions and take part in dialogues with fellow Portal users safe in the knowledge that the Forums are private and password-protected...  more >>

War correspondent Anjan Sundaram's Talk at BPS
Krishnamurti school alumni, Anjan Sundaram, was Brockwood’s journalist in residence in the summer term. One of his contributions to school life was a fascinating talk on his journey to becoming an investigative journalist in some of the most dangerous countries in the world...  more >>

New Releases
A new edition of the book Fire in the Mind and a new DVD titled Is it possible for the brain to act totally have been released by the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust...  more >>

Annual Appeal 16
In May we launched our Annual Appeal under the heading ‘30 Years On’. Over £210,000 has been raised..  more >>

Pop-Up Banners
Eye-catching Krishnamurti quotes will be appearing on a series of banners, five of which are due to be unveiled at the London Concert this week. Standing two metres tall, by a metre wide, three of the banners concentrate on elements of the teachings...  more >>

Alumni Donate
With 30 years having passed since his death, Krishnamurti’s teachings are more widely known and available than ever before and the schools and centres he established worldwide are flourishing. We do not know the effect of Krishnamurti's teachings on human consciousness, but..  more >>

SOAS Screening 2016-17
Following the popular attendance last season, a new season of Krishnamurti screenings and dialogues is being planned at the University of London’s SOAS. This season will commence again in October and occur each month until next summer, excluding December...  more >>

Thirty Years On.
With 30 years having passed since his death, Krishnamurti’s teachings are more widely known and available than ever before and the schools and centres he established worldwide are flourishing. We do not know the effect of Krishnamurti's teachings on human consciousness, but..  more >>

Last Discussion: Making the brain fully active.
Krishnamurti's last discussion with students and staff at Brockwood Park on 29th September 1985. You can listen to audio recording here.  more >>

The Outward Show.
A short animation with voice-over by Terence Stamp, reading from the chapter entitled 'The Self', in J. Krishnamurti's classic book Commentaries on Living, Series 1. more >>

Thirty Years of Learning.
Ray McCoy is one of the few people remaining on staff today who was working at Brockwood in 1986 when Krishnamurti died. Here he reflects on key changes at Brockwood since that time and lessons learned along the way.   more >>

J.Krishnamurti: Silence, Music and the Arts.
Acclaimed pianist Maria João Pires talks about Krishnamurti. London concert, Cadogan Hall, 3rd September 2016.   more >>

Announcement of Krishnamurti's Death.
This statement appeared in a special issue of the KFT Bulletin following Krishnamurti's death.   more >>

Why I Sent My Children to Brockwood.
Having sent her three children to Brockwood Park School, Beatrix tells us why and how that came about and what effect it had on her children.   more >>

London & Brockwood Concerts
The idea of a concert at a well-known hall in central London came about as a result of an informal discussion at the Krishnamurti Centre about J Krishnamurti`s work reaching a wider public, particularly those interested in music.   more >>

International Publication Committee meetings
The International Publications Meetings were held at Brockwood Park on the 10th and 11th of October. Various trustees, directors, rights-managers and editors from the four Krishnamurti Foundations discussed topics related to printed and digital publications.  more >>

Brockwood’s Emergent Curriculum
Since the beginning of Brockwood Park School, teachers and staff have asked fundamental questions about teaching and learning. Read more here about how Brockwood is re-envisioning its approach. more >>

Whole Earth?
Brockwood Park Student Ying-Ji attends the European launch of Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS) at the Eden Project. The Eden Project is a visitor attraction in Cornwall, England. Inside artificial biodomes are thousands of plant species collected from all around the world.   more >>

Theme Weekends and Study Retreats 2016
The Krishnamurti Centre has announced its schedule of themed weekends and study retreats for 2016. These events are attended by people who are acquainted with the teachings as well as those who are new to them.  more >>

A New Bus for Inwoods School
Inwoods is very happy to start the year with its own 14-seat minibus, thanks to a generous donation. The story of how this donation happened began with letters about the importance of children having direct close communion with the natural environment. more >>

Krishnamurti Screenings at SOAS
Our new season of J. Krishnamurti Screenings and Dialogues at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies has begun. The video series we are showing and discussing this season is entitled 'Can We Live Together Without Conflict?'. more >>

The Brockwood Land Course
The Brockwood Land Course was initiated last year by our trustees, in order to encourage young people to reconnect with nature, become aware of the impact we are having on the natural environment locally and globally, acquire competence to work practically and intelligently with the land, and envisage a more sustainable lifestyle. more >>

Brockwood Park School Open Day March 19th
We would be delighted to welcome you to our next Open Day which is planned for Saturday 19th March 2016. The School will be open to everyone whether you have children you are considering enrolling, if you are interested in working at Brockwood or you have a general interest in the Teachings of Krishnamurti and are curious about the School. more >>

Alumni Documentary: Questions Lived
This 26 minute documentary follows Brockwood's early students as they return to the school over forty years later. We hear of their experiences here in the seventies and if or how Brockwood and Krishnamurti has affected their lives.  more >>

J. Krishnamurti Q&A Video App
The Q&A Video App allows users to download for free these poignant capsules of Krishnamurti's teachings, conveniently grouped in over 80 topics such as nature, education, the self, love and death. Currently the app includes over 60 videos; in the coming months dozens new videos and topics will be released.   more >>
One Third Full
The cup is one third full, as we have received close to £33,000 in our Annual Appeal for 2015 while our goal is to try and raise £100,000. The Appeal, which was launched by Trustee, Gisele Balleys, in May, is in aid of important work and initiatives within all four departments at Brockwood Park and donors are invited to choose where they would prefer their money to go.  more >>
Krishnamurti in Universities
Brockwood Development Office has assembled an 'Introducing Krishnamurti Pack' which we would like to share with universities. Interested parties can then more easily host their own Krishnamurti screenings and discussions and share Krishnamurti's teachings among the younger generations.   more >>
The process behind re-envisioning the curriculum
Brockwood School Staff invited students to participate in the discussion and in the planning of the curriculum for the coming year. A greater understanding and enthusiasm arose from this inclusive procedure and lent itself to exciting prospects for September.   more >>
International Committees Meetings in Brockwood Park
Committees from 21 countries came to the Krishnamurti Centre for this years International Krishnamurti Committee meetings. Committees from as far afield as Thailand, South Africa and Canada made their way to the centre for three days of discussion and coordination.  more >>
Observing Our Motivations
This last week of the Inwood's school year had an emphasis on observing what motivates us within and without. With teachers located in learning spaces, including the outdoor playground, the children were invited to freely dip in and out of their usual classrooms  more >>
Ending of Time Gathering
The Friends of Brockwood Park Autumn Gathering from the 23rd to the 25th October will be exploring themes from The Ending of Time; the remarkable series of dialogues that occurred between Krishnamurti and Professor David Bohm starting in California in 1980.  more >>
Brockwood Park Annual Appeal 2015
The year was 1966, the place was Saanen, Switzerland, and I was a young woman, raised in a mountain village and curious about the world. I heard Krishnamurti speak on an auspicious summer day and my life was never the same afterward. Just as his teachings awakened the consciousness of thousands, something was born in that moment that breathes within me to this day.  more >>
International Education Conference
Forced learning is destructive. It is destructive for our children, our society, our planet. An insistent government and teacher-lead diet of tracts and facts is sapping the creativity and motivation from learners. This major conference seeks to discuss and promulgate alternatives to the pedagogy peddled by all the major parties..
more >>
A Friendship Cast in Bronze
A chance visit to Brockwood by leading British sculptor, Nigel Boonham, has led to the rare Bourdelle bust of Krishnamurti being exhibited in London in May. Nigel, who attended the public talks at Brockwood in 1983, had been working on a bust of Krishnamurti himself when he became stuck and needed photographs.. more >>
Parents Weekend
When I left Brockwood Park at the end of the parents weekend, I had one of the best, if not the best conversation I have ever had with my sons. The three of us talked in the taxi to Winchester, all the way to London on the train and during and after dinner. We talked openly and enthusiastically. We talked about the weekend but not just the weekend. more >>
A Long Close Look
At the November 14 meeting of the Trustees of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust there was discussion about the increasing external regulatory obligations that require the Trustees and the Heads of Brockwood to have a better understanding and implementation of their collective responsibilities and individual roles. It was decided to undergo an internal review of the whole organisation.. more >>
Spring Celebration
Our annual Spring Celebration is a smorgasbord of happenings which include a sports day, an egg hunt, exhibitions, and a pot-luck lunch, to which Inwoods’ families are invited. History with a home-link was the topic for the exhibitions this year and each child chose their own subject to explore. The displays of the explorations varied greatly, including posters, drawings, photographs, models, videos. more >>
What we’re doing in Development
Spring has sprung and as the days have grown brighter and longer, they have lit up Brockwood’s Development Office and assisted us in our ever-important ‘blue sky thinking’. Along with our daily work of spreading the teachings of Krishnamurti, helping the various departments raise their profiles, managing and operating Friends of Brockwood Park, fundraising etc, we are specifically working on.. more >>
Help Us Share Krishnamurti's Teachings
Given the many problems we face in the world, raising awareness of Krishnamurti's life and work is of crucial importance. His teachings are timeless, deal with the crisis facing the world and are relevant to all of humanity. To help spread awareness of Krishnamurti's work, we are developing a mobile exhibition of his teachings using pop-up panels which we hope to display as frequently and in as many locations as possible. more >>
The Many Faces of India
n the early morning of Tuesday 30th December, a group of students and staff left Heathrow to fly to Chennai, to begin a tour of some of the Krishnamurti Schools of South India. The trip was organised by Maggie and Andrew Alexander and assisted by staff member Ana Gomes. more >>
The Ending of Time: New Revised & Expanded Edition
As Krishnamurti makes clear in the first of them, these dialogues originated in a meditative experience in Rishi Valley in 1979. Using language very tentatively to describe this experience, he said that 'the source of all energy was reached' and that he felt strongly moved to communicate this to others, since within it lay the solution of all problems. more >>
Krishnamurti Centre Improves Access to the Teachings
A new user friendly audio and video directory is just one of several changes making it easier for guests to access Krishnamurti's teachings at the Centre. Since the Krishnamurti Centre opened in 1987, we have tried to make all the Krishnamurti material written and recorded, audio or video, available to the guests. It has been a hard and expensive route though we are close to completion. more >>
More Than We Could Imagine
A recent Kishnamurti video showing in London took us all by surprise, as Michael Ledwith reports. Event attendance numbers are never easy to predict and plan for, especially in winter when the weather can scupper almost anyone’s best intentions. more >>
News From Inwoods Small School
These frosty mornings and clear blue skies awaken the senses and uplift the spirit as soon as one steps out the door. But the real joy is seeing the well-dressed children arrive at Brockwood Park with a glint of excitement in their eyes, dropping their bags and hurrying to the natural dip in the field for some mud sliding. more >>
News from the Development Office
The Brockwood Park Development Office is currently busy with the following projects: 1. Preparing a mobile exhibition intended to introduce Krishnamurti’s teachings to a new audience. 2. preparing new Youtube channels and content. 3. assisting SOAS with another Krishnamurti video screening and dialogue, which will be February 18th 4. assembling a Brockwood Park photograph library 5. creating a legacy leaflet more >>
Mary Cadogan's Last Interview
The recent death of Dr Mary Cadogan, the first Secretary of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, has come as a great loss. Mary began working with Krishnamurti Writings Inc. in London in 1958; assisting with publications work and organizing public meetings and discussions with Krishnamurti. more >>
Brockwood Park’s Reunion
Brockwood Park’s 45th anniversary Reunion took place in August. Alumni from all over the world returned to the beautiful Hampshire countryside for five days of meeting old friends and enjoying recollections. From Beijing to Brazil, California to Caledonia, they came for what turned out to be a spectacular celebration of what an idea can become. more >>
News from the Centre
In relation to the Krishnamurti Centre, and without any comic intent, what do you think 7 Irish, 9 Spaniards, 10 French and 18 Fins might have in common? They are all groups that have visited the Centre this year from those respective countries for the purpose of attending a retreat organised in their own language. more >>
Music at Brockwood and the ‘Informal Evening’
Ludwig van Beethoven famously said that “music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life”. Music also mediates between people, unifying the not only the performers but also the audience. J.Krishnamurti spoke often of the limitations of words. Music can say so much that words cannot. As Ulrich, one of our music teachers at Brockwood Park School, points out, 'Music brings harmony between the body, the intellect, the senses and feelings, giving a sense of wholeness. more >>
New Forest Nature Curriculum
In the first few weeks of October, Pete Flood led two groups of Inwoods Small School students and teachers on an outdoor adventure, exploring fungi and the natural world of the New Forest near Fritham. It was inspirational to spend a day away from the relatively tame local surroundings of Brockwood and enter a small patch of wilderness, exploring fungi and their habitats together. more >>
A Video Tour of the Friends Portal
This is a brief but informative tour of the Friends Portal. The Portal is a password-protected social-networking site accessible to registered Friends of Brockwood Park. It allows you to send messages, participate in online dialogues, post events via a shared calendar and buy, sell and exchange goods and services. It avoids the excesses of larger social networking sites but has many of the benefits, and we think that you will find it a useful and creative form of contact with others. more >>
News from the Development Office
The Brockwood Park Development Office has a broad remit which includes: helping to make Krishnamurti’s teachings more widely known and available; assisting all of the departments at Brockwood to raise their profiles and keep the public informed of their activities; managing and operating Friends of Brockwood Park and the Friends Portal; fundraising for all of the departments at Brockwood. more >>
Timeless Preservation
Why are we here at Brockwood? For most of us the immediate answer is simple – we are here because of Krishnamurti. But is this the whole truth? As we approach three decades since Krishnamurti’s death, more and more of those who come to Brockwood “because of Krishnamurti” have never had the opportunity to meet him. So how is it that Krishnamurti is still able to speak to us so strongly that we are inspired to dedicate a week, a year, ten years of our lives to explore what it means to live the teachings? more >>

First Annual Friends Retreat
One guest wrote: “It was really a unique experience for me, being the first time in Krishnamurti dialogues, and sharing and participating helped in the journey of looking at oneself.” Read a full report of the first annual Friends retreat.
more >>

A Ramblers Guide to Brockwood Park
Brockwood’s parklands have been created over centuries and offer a striking ornamental patchwork that bewitches at every turn. Take a tour.
more >>

First Visit
“When I arrived at the Krishnamurti Centre, I found a clean and comfortable room waiting for me. I unpacked and lay down for a rest after my long trip … and that's when it happened. Silence!”
more >>

Handmade Education: Creating Students, Not Products
Here, a prospective staff member asks prospective students about their experience visiting Brockwood Park School.
more >>

Brockwood Park Annual Appeal 2014
Gary Primrose introduces Brockwood’s 2014 Annual Appeal. Through the benevolence of a few generous donors, we have established a £27,000 matching fund, which will double any £1 donated by the 5th of September to any department within Brockwood. This means that when you give £50, we will receive £100!
more >>

Whirlwind Winter Workshops
February can be a dreary month in England. When a moment comes along that uplifts the spirit, it can feel as if a light enters the room that transcends even the rainiest of days. Such was the atmosphere of the Winter Workshops. more >>
Inwoods Small School: A Tour of the Building, Grounds and Features
Inwoods Small School was founded in a barn in 1997 and over the years many other buildings and features have appeared. more >>
How We Used the Money: Brockwood’s 2013 Annual Appeal
We have been able to do many marvelous things thanks to the generous support of those of you who donated to the 2013 Annual Appeal. We want to let you know what some of them are. more >>
The Underground Movement
London underground travellers’ daily commute will include an encounter with Krishnamurti’s teachings. From October 21 to November 4 2013, 27 posters with short and intriguing quotations by Krishnamurti will be up in stations across London, reaching an audience of millions. more >>
K in Russia
Foundation staff member Pedro Lopez Merino visited the Moscow Book Fair and writes about the challenges and successes of making Krishnamurti’s books available in Russia. more >>
Education Conference on Teaching
Our education conference on teaching, with Prof. Eleanor Duckworth and others, proved to be both rewarding and inspiring. more >>
Krishnamurti’s The First and Last Freedom: A History and Context
Rider Books has just published a new edition of Krishnamurti’s The First and Last Freedom, which we are able to offer you at a 10% discount. In his famous foreword Aldous Huxley writes that “[here] the reader will find a clear contemporary statement of the fundamental human problem, together with an invitation to solve it in the only way in which it can be solved—for and by himself.” more >>
Annual Appeal 2013 Thank You
We are very pleased to announce that we have reached our goal for the 2013 Annual Appeal. With still two months to go to the deadline we have already reached our target of £100,000. This means that we will receive an additional £300,000, thanks to a generous donor. We are very grateful for all your support. It means the world to all of us here at Brockwood Park! more >>
The Inwoods’ Glorious Mix
To mark the end of the school year at Inwoods the whole community (teachers, pupils and their families) gathered together for the summer camping celebration. People arrived throughout the very hot afternoon to pitch their tents and then assembled outside the Oak House where the children sang, recited and performed. more >>
Brockwood Park School’s Beijing Visit
Brockwood Park School Co-Principal Adrian Sydenham recently visited China where he found a receptive audience eager to know more about Krishnamurti's educational vision. more >>
Krishnamurti in China: Awakening Intelligence
Chinese interest in Krishnamurti is still growing. Thanks in large part to the efforts of Sue and Kang there are now 50 books by Krishnamurti for sale in China with 10 different publishers, with the best-selling book selling more than 100,000 (!) copies. Recent visits by the KFT and KFA have attracted standing room only crowds and there is even talk of starting a school. more >>
International Committee Meetings July 2013
This summer Krishnamurti Committees from all over the world came together at the Centre to exchange ideas and to discuss the challenge of disseminating the teachings. more >>
It’s all in the details: Brockwood’s Architectural Treasures
We asked alumna and architecture student Maryam Benoit to serve as our architectural tour guide of the buildings at Brockwood Park. Maryam grew up on and around the Brockwood grounds from the age of 9 until she graduated at 18. The goal was to look at the old familiar buildings with a fresh eye. Here we share with you her photos and observations. more >>
Historical Photos Shared With Foundation
Rita Zampese first started taking photographs of Krishnamurti, the people around him, and the places he visited, at the Saanen Gathering in 1968. A few years later, Krishnamurti invited her to join him on his travels around the world. For more than a decade she took photos showing a more informal side of Krishnamurti’s life and work. She decided to share them with the Krishnamurti Foundation Archives because, as she puts it, “it’s important that people see how Krishnamurti lived outside of his official talks. more >>
Local Partnership Brings Energy Solutions
For both environmental and economic reasons The Krishnamurti Centre recently switched to using a woodchip boiler to provide heat. Our long-time neighbour, Mr Alex Morton, delivers the woodchip. Our hope is to eventually meet nearly all of our heating needs in the School with another woodchip boiler. more >>
Krishnamurti Foundation - New MP3 CDs
“Truth, Actuality, and the Limits of Thought”
Conversations with David Bohm
Brockwood Park, UK, Gstaad, Switzerland, 1975 – Volume 1

In these previously unreleased recordings of 1975 dialogues between Krishnamurti and David Bohm, they explore such topics as the nature of reality, the 'what is' of actuality, and the relation of these to truth. more >>

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