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The Friends base rate is £25, which you can choose to donate once a year (annually), four times a year (quarterly), or twelve times a year (monthly). You can also choose to donate any other amount over £25.

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By way of thanking you for your support, we offer you a personal gift and an invitation to a meal at Brockwood Park. Occasional benefits such as invitations to Brockwood events and special luncheons in different cities may apply as well.

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Other ways to support us

Registering as a Friend of Brockwood Park is one way of supporting us. To find out other ways, such as contributing to specific programmes, volunteering, or leaving us a legacy, please click below.

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By registering as a Friend of Brockwood Park, you are helping to

  • preserve and make available Krishnamurti’s teachings to a wide audience
  • give students of all ages and backgrounds a chance at a transformative education
  • make available an extraordinary space for inquiry and contemplation

Register as a Friend today to help us preserve Krishnamurti’s legacy and carry it into the future.